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How to Get Your Online Poker Bonus

Every online poker room offers a bonus to join, this is how they entice new players to register given the high level of competition. For example Party Poker has a 100% bonus up to $500 for all new players, and PokerStars has also a 100% bonus up to $600, while Everest Poker offers a number of different options with respect to their bonus.

There are various types of poker bonuses you can get, but the main one is the bonus you receive when you make your first deposit. This new depositor bonus will occur when you make your first real cash deposit at the poker room.

The way it works is the bonus is a match up to your deposit amount. For example at pokerstars, they give you a 100% deposit up to $600. This means that if you make an initial deposit of $200, you get a $200 bonus. For a $500 first deposit you receive $500 in bonus. But for a $800 deposit you will only have a $600 deposit which is the maximum.

One unique pokerstars feature at the bonus level is that this bonus applies to the first three deposits, not just the first one. This is truly unique in poker history and very advantageous to the players. As you can begin with a smaller deposit that you would normally transfer if you wanted to maximize your bonus amount. Then after you have decided that you like the room, you can add more deposits, twice, and still get a bonus each time up to a total of $600.

How to play online poker

Of course it is not enough to get a cool bonus, you also need to master poker strategy if you want to be a winner and make the most of your money.

This is why we have gathered for you a series of advanced Texas Hold'em strategy articles. They teach you important elements that will help you dominate your opponents on the virtual green. There are three levels of poker strategy.

First you need to understand the rules of the game well. And you should know not just one varation but a few like NLHE, PLO and 7-card stud for example. This will give you a more 'rounded' profile. And remember that sometimes the most money to be made is in the less played poker variants, as there is less competition.

Then the next level is to learn basic strategy also called ABC strategy. For example you must understand the check-raise move, and know when to apply it. Finally advanced strategy is what helps you really dominate your opponents. And our articles mostly focus on that aspect.

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When you make a $25 first deposit at Everest Poker they will give you a $50 bonus. In addition you get access to welcome freerolls with prizes worth $10,000. Download now. Everest Poker has one of the best customer satisfaction in online poker and the least amount of complaints. Regarding rewards you will get some at Everest after you join thanks to their renowned VIP Summit Club. This loyalty program is made of made of ten levels from Base Camp, Camp I,..., all the way to Death Zone and ultimately 'The Summit'. The higher you get, the more rewards you receive.


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Get 100% up to $600 bonus at PokerStars. You can find out exciting poker games and tournaments, secure deposit and fast cash out at the world number one poker room. Pokerstars is licenced and regulated since 2001. They offer 24 hrs customer support. Pokerstars offers cash game tables of Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi, Omaha High Low, Seven Card Stud, mixed games including HORSE and more variations than any other room 24 hours a day. Cash games begin when two or more players sit down at a table. Download the software now.


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